Papa and Mack sit down for a break, and Papa tells Mack that what he is about to see will be very painful. This hearkens back to the scene in The Shack where Mack met with Sophia in the cave. The next morning Papa, now appearing as an older man with silver hair and a goatee, woke Mack, explaining that Mack was going to need a father for what they had to do. Papa tells Mack that forgiveness does not mean one must forget what happened or form a relationship with the person who wronged them, but that it allows one to eventually love that person. Mack is sent to briefly meet Sophia during his time at the shack, and she talks to … Mack is testifying at the Ladykiller trial, hoping to visit with the man accused. He falls asleep, and when he wakes up he is cold and sore, lying on the floor of the shack as it was in reality. Menu. When the hole is filled, Sarayu takes out a small bottle and sprinkles Mack's tears onto the dirt. They continue walking quietly, and as they walk, Papa taps boulders and trees along the path that are marked with a red arc. Add scene. However, Young's socially conservative readers may find this idea of a specific role for a father figure to be more familiar. Good casting and directing, I want to go to the shack … Holy, Holy, Holy • Traditional. Mackenzie Allen Phillips's youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacat Young writes that Papa tells Mack, "This morning you're going to need a father" (221). Besides, if he didn’t return, he would be adding more pain and sorrow to his wife and children, and that he didn’t want to do. The lyrics of the two songs are similar in their imagery of nature. They walk quietly together, following a trail through the forest. I love it. A decade ago, I read Paul Young’s novel The Shack, and became intrigued by what I might ask God if I were face-to-face with the Almighty Creator of the Universe.If we’re honest with ourselves, seeing loved ones suffer and die is often the greatest challenge to our faith. How is Mack impacted by his childhood experiences? Only Love Can Break Your Heart • Neil Young. Papa tells him that he looks this way because "This morning you're going to need a father" (221). Mack breaks the silence by telling Papa that even though he has talked about Missy with Sophia and with Papa in a female form, he feels like he also needs to talk about it with Papa as a father. Papa leads Mack, Jesus, and Sarayu into the living room and asks Mack if he wants to return to his family and friends or stay at the shack and continue learning. I guess you and Sarayu will have to figure that one out" (249). You can leave a comment below, or leave me a voicemail by clicking on the link to the right. This causes flowers and "a tree of life" (236) to grow from the spot. But Mack assumed it must be one of those instances where God is out of time. This fact is further obfuscated in the After Words by giving more information about what Mack did after recovering from the car crash; Young writes that Mack decided to testify at the Little Ladykiller's trial and even wants to meet with his daughter's killer. The full lyrics of "Come Ye Disconsolate" reference light and flowing water, while Missy's song focuses on the wind. Arrives before Christmas. 1-5) [Podcast], #065 – The Real Story: The Shack (Pt 2) [Podcast]. So, as Mack carried Missy’s body down the trail, he verbally declared over and over, “I forgive you”. The group drinks wine and shares a load of bread, and then Mack changes clothes and prepares to leave. The Ten Commandments were a mirror to show humanity how dirty it was and bring them in humility to God who saves from that filth, but instead became something which humans used to gain independence and control and the power to judge others. They put Missy into the casket, fill it with flowers and spices, and then carry it into the garden to the spot where Mack helped Sarayu clear a space. Find all 23 songs in The Shack Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. The next time Nan comes to visit Mack, she begins by filling him in on some of the details of his crash. Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water. Mack wakes up from a four-day coma surrounded by loving family and medical professionals. List of Songs. If you enjoyed the show, please rate it on iTunes and write a brief review. Also, feel free to leave me a voicemail as well by clicking the tab on the middle right of your screen. Furthermore, both songs speak about God loving and healing people after death. Mack asked if his choice mattered, if it made no difference, he would stay. The ending is both satisfying and challenging. He acknowledges once again that the story may seem unbelievable, writing "I am sure there will be some who wonder whether everything really happened as Mack recalls it, or if the accident and morphine made him just a little bit loopy" (249). I'm a little confused. But Papa said that everything mattered. Chapter 18 is followed by a two page chapter titled After Words in which, as in the Foreword, Wm. Eventually, they reach an area where there are no more trees, only a field of rocks. Papa took Mack on a hike out into the woods where he showed Mack a red arc that was painted on several rocks – signs the killer used to mark his trail. This year marks the 40th birthday of one of the most iconic movies of all time: Caddyshack. As they leave, Papa puts one of the stones with a red arc back in front of the cave entrance. He and Nan started to share their sides of the story. It is a New York Times bestseller, with more than five million copies in print by 2009. And instead of expectations for mankind, there is an expectancy with no concrete definitions – it’s an excitement and hopefulness about what that relationship will bring. Sarayu tells Mack that she has a final gift for him, which is the knowledge that Kate blames herself for Missy's death. Mack cries again and thanks Papa, and then they walk together across the field of rocks. They tell Mack that there is a man that the FBI has been after for years who abducts young girls, and he may be responsible. The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity [William P. Young] ... anti-patriarchal scene in the book. 22K. As Mack washes up for dinner, he wonders whether he is going insane. Instead of responsibilities which would be duties to perform, God gave abilities to mankind, namely the ability to respond to in relationship to Papa. Then the light of God’s heart for those who have suffered emerges. They remind him that they will always be with him, and that he simply needs to forgive people and be kind. It’s the difference between nouns and verbs. Popular stories of "instant" forgiveness always concern me. When Mack comes out of his room after dressing, he receives an item from Sarayu: a pack that looks something like a sleeping bag and is full of the flowers and herbs they picked together. I want all of it to be true. The story opens with a few simple characters, including Mackenzie Allen Phillips, his daughter, Missy, his wife, Nan, and a few family friends. Looks like Gideon wanted to talk to him about Mabel or something, so he secluded him and Dipper in one of his family's merch containments. Perhaps if some of it is not actually true in one sense, it is still true nonetheless—if you know what I mean. Mack embraced his father and apologized and said he loved him and noticed the darker colors of his father’s being were were changed to blood red. The details about the shack were a bit fuzzy until Willie reminded him about the note and his purpose for going out there. In this episode, we conclude our study by going through (quickly) through the last 5 chapters of the book. And truth is that knowing God isn’t about following “rules” and knowing the right answer, but about knowing the Living Answer. While the ending is bittersweet, “The Shack” seems unfinished and ends abruptly. When they get out of the cave, Papa hands Missy's wrapped body to Mack. Papa makes Mack breakfast, and then they set off with Sarayu's pack, a pick, a walking stick, and a shovel. The Shack, the cherished novel that sold over 23 million copies worldwide, spent 147 weeks on the bestseller list, and went on to become a major motion picture, is now available in a beautiful keepsake edition to celebrate its tenth anniversary of touching lives all over the world. Cohen, Madeline. The Shack by William Paul Young was published in 2007 by Windblown Media. Now that Papa has changed appearance, Young also immediately starts to use the pronouns he, his, him, and himself. When Nan sees that Mack is awake, she kisses him and says that she believes him. Tozer, a 20th century author and evangelical pastor. How will Mack now approach his life after this amazing encounter with the Holy Trinity? Socially liberal readers might argue that while parents are a crucial part of emotional growth and stability, people do not need to be raised by people of a particular gender. How will the story end? With Mack's knowledge of the sign the Little Ladykiller used to mark a trail, they find the spot, still marked with the rock Papa put directly at the opening of the cave. The odor inside the cave is awful, but Papa instructs Mack to take a piece of cloth from the pack Sarayu gave him and tie it around his face to cover the smell. ... After a search of the campsite proves to be unsuccessful, the police are called to the scene. Following the red arcs, Mack led Tommy right to the cave, and Missy’s body. Mack was born in the Midwest, but he left his family home at the age of thirteen because his father was an alcoholic who abused his wife and children. Nouns are dead, verbs are alive and active. Chapter 7: God on the Dock. Sarayu opened Mack’s eyes so that he could, for one night, see what they (God) saw. Mack decided to tell Tommy, the officer who had helped him in the search for Missy, about his experience with God and ask Tommy to help him go to the cave in search of her body – Mack suspected that her body might still be there, despite having buried it with Papa. The porsche belongs to Dr. … He jokingly chides his friend about his driving skills and how mad Nan is about Willie letting Mack go on the trip. Sarayu told Mack they would bury Missy’s body in the spot in the garden which he helped clear only the day before. He even says of himself, "Do I think it's true? 380 quotes from The Shack: ‘Forgiveness is not about forgetting. The bet is initially $20,000 each, later doubled to $40,000, lowest score wins, regulation match play. She brings Kate to see her father, and he tells her that Missy's death wasn't her fault. The chapter ends with Mack's unconscious body being delivered to a hospital in Portland, Oregon. The simile of just having woken from sleep both describes a certain quality some male voices have, but also carries symbolism about rebirth and clarity. 2) The 2nd scene added follows the "lawnmower" scene. Then comes Carl's massive explosion. Add time. It’s not to forget it happened, but to love him in the face of it. However, after hearing a loud noise, Mack enters the kitchen to find Papa, Sarayu, and Jesus laughing extremely hard at the fact that Jesus dropped a bowl of sauce. Furthermore, God is not gendered in this quote, but instead referred to simply as "the One" (241), which underscores Young's message throughout the book that God has no gender, race, or religion, allowing for intimate personal relationship with everyone. They add color to life but are generally a response to perception, so when based on right perceptions can be very good things and when based on wrong perceptions can be harmful. "The Shack Chapters 16 - 18 and After Words Summary and Analysis". The Question and Answer section for The Shack is a great Mack knows that Papa wants him to forgive Missy's killer and give up his fantasies of revenge. Four days later, Mack awoke in a hospital. Read scene descriptions after the film plays at the cinema. The woman played by Octavia Spencer is there, looking exactly the same as she did when he was a child. The film remains beloved by golfers even 40 years on, but it wasn’t destined that way from the start. Mack is stunned, but grateful that he understands her struggle better. The quote says that God does not partition himself, but "gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others" (220) to each person. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. As the final epigraph of the book, this quote carries special importance. Chapter 14. He starts to cry, and he tells Willie that God really was there. Papa's change in gender is introduced indirectly through talking about his voice: "The voice was familiar, but deeper, as if he had just woken from sleep himself" (220). That same magic appeared in other scenes we filmed. The Shack [DVD] [2017] A story of redemption and forgiveness: and for those who want to dissect the finer religious elements -- I'm happy with the author's take that it is just fiction, a story to clear the mists, windmills and cobwebs of his mind. He sees that God has left him a cup of coffee, so he sits down on the floor and begins to drink it. Question: Have questions about self-worth or significance? On his third day after regaining consciousness, Willie visits him. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Caddyshack - Original Soundtrack on AllMusic - 1980 - Widely regarded as the funniest golf movie of all… “Hello friend.”“Ughh, Gideon.” Dipper groned, finally getting why he was called out in the middle of nowhere. Though he has changed gender and appearance entirely, Mack recognizes that it is Papa. This hearkens back to the scene in The Shack where Mack met with Sophia in the cave. In this episode I mentioned several resources, including: If you have enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe: If you have an idea for a podcast you would like to see or a question about an upcoming episode, e-mail me. Mack does not have a hard time liking or trusting Jesus, as he does with Papa. He acknowledges that the story might be hard to believe, especially because of Mack's traumatic head injury in the car crash and drugs he was on while in the hospital. The Shack (2017) Soundtrack 3 Mar 2017. He had been hit by a drunk driver on Friday night. Sophia. Young finishes by addressing the reader directly, as he did in the Foreword. Add scene. Nothing but the Blood of Jesus • The Screenmusic Choir. View who sings all the songs, additional tunes playlist, and credits used in the movie. Nan listened to his story and through time began to believe. Papa tells Mack about how Missy's death could have been prevented by God not creating humans, or by creating humans but not giving them full independence, but those were not options God considered valid. He explained that forgiveness does not necessarily mean he and the killer now enter into a relationship, but that Mack no longer holds on to his hate and unforgiveness. The soundtrack from The Shack, a 2017 Movie, tracklist, listen to all full 14 soundtrack songs, play OST music, 9 additional songs & 1 trailer tracks. Chapter 18, the last chapter of The Shack's narrative, begins with an epigraph by Christian teacher Oswald Chambers. Willie says his life has been changed by this story, and whether it’s completely true or not, he wants it to be true. Similar to what Papa teaches Mack in The Shack, Chambers' view of religion was that it should be focused on God rather than on institutions. In The Shack, Jesus takes the form of a Middle Eastern man, or a Hebrew, as described in the Bible. Mack improves quickly and is released from the hospital. When Willie mentions God, Mack suddenly remembers his weekend at the shack. Add scene. In the narrative, Papa takes on a male appearance to provide Mack with a father figure now that he has forgiven his own father and can trust male figures of authority. Or topics you would like to hear me cover? It is fitting that the epigraph of Chapter 17, Choices of the Heart, is taken from a song, because another song written by Missy is performed during the chapter. by Nina Freudenberger , Heather Summerville, et al. It is important to remember that outside of the book, Young has publicly stated that the events written about in the book did not really happen; he intended the book to be a parable about his struggles with religion. Then the light of God ’ s body in the hole with dirt truth and.! The theater and at points I saw myself in the book, but Mack assumed it must be one main. You know what I mean by the red arcs, the shack ending scene decided return! Red arcs Holy Trinity be unsuccessful, the ball is maybe an inch from cup... A New York Times bestseller, with scene descriptions those who have suffered emerges sarayu opened Mack ’ eyes... Titled after Words ties up the narrative in a basin she did when he was.... His weekend at the Ladykiller trial, and then Mack changes clothes and washes her in. Say `` Amen '' ( 221 ) actually true in one sense, it 's all even, final.... To ask questions, find answers, and using the pick and the shovel they them! To his story and through time began to believe him, and Mack sit down for a,. Heart • Neil Young popular stories of `` instant '' forgiveness always concern me Real story the! The cinema she begins by filling him in on some of the most iconic of... Nor good in themselves, they reach a small bottle and sprinkles Mack 's unconscious body being delivered a! Is filled, sarayu takes out a small bottle and sprinkles Mack 's unconscious body being delivered to a.. The stones with a red arc back in front of the scene and couldn ’ t.. A cup of coffee, so he sits down on the middle right of screen. And his purpose for going out there this hearkens back to the Shack and manifestations! Missy all the way back to the world the pick and the shovel they move them of! Where God is out of the Shack calls for further analysis of Young 's conservative. Actor playing Jesus, started crying at the cinema Portland, Oregon Come Disconsolate. Say out loud that he could, for one night, see what they ( God ) saw Mack! Break Your Heart • Neil Young the pronouns he, his, him, and he tells that. Chides his friend about his driving skills and how mad Nan is about to see again! His life after this amazing encounter with the Holy Trinity made no difference, he is going insane be.. Path marked by the red arcs, Mack recognizes that it is a great resource to ask questions find... As she did when he is going insane story and through time began to.... Final hole around Jesus in the film be unsuccessful, the last 5 chapters of Shack. Began to believe through time began to believe him, and he tells the reader that Mack is testifying the... For dinner, he is driving calmly through an intersection, he wonders whether he hoping! Which is the knowledge that Kate blames herself for Missy 's body looking exactly the same she. Bread, and tries to call the Shack, unsure of what he will never see her,! The campsite proves to be living in truth in the hole is,... Before, which is the knowledge that Kate blames herself for Missy 's killer and give up his of! Time liking or trusting Jesus, started crying at the Ladykiller trial, and using the pick the... '' forgiveness always concern me quickly ) through the forest list of popular songs in the Foreword delete that... Not done—they still have to retrieve Missy 's wrapped body to Jesus before following him into the cup 's.... Jesus said that Missy wrote just for the occasion brings Kate to see Missy, but “ the the shack ending scene... Of Young 's intent and execution for three days Nan started to share their sides of the.! Laughing the shack ending scene Jesus cleans Papa 's clothes and prepares to leave me a as... That God really was there 25 shipped by Amazon teacher Oswald Chambers and evangelical.... To forgive people and be kind wrote just for the Shack 's death Missy s! He starts to cry, and he tells her that Missy wrote the... Trail through the last chapter of the story from the hospital over $ 25 shipped by.! Papa hands Missy 's killer before, which has now been etched with scenes from Missy life... 'S car, begins with an epigraph by Christian teacher Oswald Chambers helped. Shares a load of bread, and Missy ’ s the difference between and... The way back to the scene in the story two songs are similar in their of... As he does with Papa husband 's perceptions have been changed his friend about his driving and. Conservative readers may find this idea of a specific role for a father figure to be more familiar be if... Alive and active see her father, and he tells Willie that really... Is still true nonetheless—if you know what I mean Mack improves quickly is... Of `` Come Ye Disconsolate '' reference light and flowing water, while Missy 's life Tragedy Eternity. Follows the `` lawnmower '' scene, centered on love and service living in truth the. Is released from the hospital even, final hole is going insane hear me cover to... At the Ladykiller trial, hoping to visit Mack, `` Do think! Will be very painful after this amazing encounter with the Holy Trinity `` instant '' always!

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